Jose grew up training in any Martial Arts system he could get his hands on, Jose finally landed at City Wing Tsun in New York City, where he studied Wing Tsun under Sifu Alex Richter. Quickly adapting to the style and system, Jose was soon presented the opportunity to teach a basics class, where he found just as much pleasure in teaching the system. Shortly after leaving NYC for his new home in Columbus, OH Jose Created Western Lotus Athletics (荷西 詠春 體育 學校) in partnership with City Wing Tsun Athletic Association. Having with the sense of responsibility to correctly propagate the system as taught by his Sifu . In accordance to the same high standards set forth by the association.



At Western Lotus Athletics, we keep the tradition of Chinese Martial Arts, and promote a strong family environment amongst our students. Teaching traditional Wing Tsun Kung Fu, while keeping an open mind to other philosophies of Self-Defense, personal health and fitness. Allowing our students the opportunity to be exposed to other "styles" of practical self defense systems, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Boxing. We also encourage health and fitness within our program that our students apply to their everyday life. We teach a traditional Chinese boxing system, with a western approach in the way we structure our curriculum.