Western Lotus Athletics

We keep the tradition of Chinese Martial Arts, and promote a strong family environment amongst our students.

Martial arts have many similarities such as fitness, self-defense, confidence building and discipline. But some arts are heavier in grappling or submissions, while others focus on strikes, throws or hand to hand combat. Wing Tsun incorporates a full spectrum of a Martial Arts arsenal. From trapping and anti grappling to it's famous striking, Wing Tsun is defiantly a well rounded system. 

Arguably one of the first forms of MMA (or at least a predecessor), Wing Tsun Kung Fu is a balanced martial art, offering components from all of the arts, with an emphasis on engaging the mind in the strategic application. A Wing Tsun saying is “don’t box a boxer”, “don’t grapple a grappler”, rather fight a battle you can win.


Jose Reyes fell in love with this dynamic form of martial art and the strategic thinking behind it, as it develops the mind which benefits everyday life. Jose is passionate about teaching Wing Tsun to both novice and well versed alike. Jose grew up training in any Martial Arts system he could get his hands on, Jose finally landed at City Wing Tsun in New York City, where he studied Wing Tsun under Sifu Alex Richter. Quickly adapting to the style and system, Jose was soon presented the opportunity to teach a basics class, where he found just as much pleasure in teaching the system. Shortly after leaving NYC for his new home in Columbus, OH Jose Created Western Lotus Athletics (荷西 詠春 體育 學校) in partnership with City Wing Tsun Athletic Association. Having with the sense of responsibility to correctly propagate the system as taught by his Sifu . In accordance to the same high standards set forth by the association.

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Start your journey

Ready to gain more strength, flexibility, improve your fitness and mental agility? We understand you don’t always know what you’re getting into. Is it too intense? Do you have to jump right into a big class? What’s the commitment? Don’t worry, we make it easy to learn and get started.

  • First, connect with us over the website or call Jose directly at (614) 260-1374, and he’ll be happy to answer any questions you have

  • Second, we offer a $29 intro lesson, so you can come out and see for yourself

  1. We guarantee it will be semi-private with at most 2 other people in the session

  2. We spend ½ hour on basic mechanics of Wing Tsun

  3. Then we’ll get you signed up spend a beginners session on us!

Sometimes classes fill up quickly, so if you’re interested, connect asap!

Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.
— Bruce Lee